A family business with tradition

The Dressler & Partner Group is an owner-managed company.

This fact has always shaped the corporate culture and will continue to form the solid basis for our success in the future.

We are independent

Independence means being able to take immediate decisions. The basis for this is financial independence, which is achieved through sound economic management and the retention of profits within the company, a basis for success.

We are a reliable partner

It is all about stability, reliability and close cooperation with customers and business partners. It is not short-term success that counts, but a long-term partnership. Tailor-made designs and services with real added value and benefits.

Highest quality in everything we do

Achieving top performance with passion. Projects and services must always deliver what the name Dressler promises. In order to guarantee this German quality in the execution of our construction projects, we continuously invest in all areas of the company.

The key to success

We are proud of our employees who, with their great team spirit and enthusiasm for building, have helped a great deal to increase our portfolio. Our team stands for innovation and excellent services with a common goal in mind: delivering the best results for your project.

We are innovative

The topic of innovation has been the focus of many technical details, products and services for years. This is reflected in the variety of our service offers, including core refurbishment of high-class properties.

We bear responsibility

With our expert team of architects, civil engineers and master craftsmen, Dressler & Partner offers an all-in-one service for exclusive real estate projects. The sustainable projects show that conscious, sustainable and responsible building is not only possible on paper.

Wolfgang Dressler und Oliver Kramer Unternehmensgruppe

25 years of Dressler & Partner

Company founder Wolfgang Dressler (left) and managing director Oliver Kramer (right) have made the company one of Mallorca’s leading architecture and construction companies with their sound expertise and focus on quality according to German standards.

In conversation with Wolfgang Dressler

The company owner leaves no questions unanswered on the topic of “Building in Mallorca”.

Anyone who wants to build or purchase an individually planned villa with German construction know-how comes to you. At the moment you are realizing over 38 construction projects at the same time. Their big unique selling point is the German building quality. How do you ensure this high standard?

Our customers usually have highly individual ideas and already have a lot of experience in Mallorca. We realize our current projects with our own architects, project managers, master craftsmen and skilled workers. Our subcontractors are German or at least German managed companies. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality and manufacture of the construction work.

Why Mallorca? Why is this location so lucrative for discerning customers and builders from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia?

This unique island captivates with its natural beauty, good accessibility to all European cities and of course the 300 days of sunshine a year. Also not to be underestimated is the now very low language barrier "one speaks German". Through our positioning, we offer customers variable and individually planned products.

Private equity is a big field and is often associated with startups. Why should a private investor get into an established company?

For this very reason. The rate of young companies that do not make it after 2-3 years is not negligible. Many startups fail because they solve a problem that doesn't even exist on the market. We have known our "hardware store" in the truest sense of the word for over 20 years. When developing our future strategy, we speak internally of our three major W: values, change and growth. That means we bring a solid foundation and create value, by which I mean not only our innovative walls and ceilings, but a predictable return for everyone involved. The digitized time brings us customers who are always better prepared and push for highly individual solutions. We will be prepared for this change. At the end of the day, we also want to grow faster.

Many private financiers shy away from engaging abroad. How do you solve this challenge ”or what additional information about the market in Mallorca can you give investors?

Thanks to our decades of presence on our Balearic Island, we have built up an excellent network of consultants for all areas. I am not talking about dealing with the local building authorities, we do this ourselves with our employees. For the areas of law, taxes and all other advisory details, we have an established network of appropriate multilingual consultants. We also work with our customers' advisors.
Regarding the second part of your question, it can be stated that new prospective customers have come to the island with the German customers we know. We are increasingly answering inquiries from Sweden, Russians, Americans and even Chinese. The “golden visa” allows foreigners who do not come from the EU to have a permanent residence if they purchase property worth € 500,000. Many international buyers find the property prices in Mallorca to be absolutely competitive. These and other effects lead to an increase in value and thus to a permanently favorable investment climate.

What do you think the ideal financial partner looks like? Who fits the Dressler group?

We are looking for partners who don't just talk about numbers and returns. We imagine a "temporary marriage". Both partners have a complementary commitment. Our advantage is that we can also offer highly individual solutions and constructs in the area of ​​private equity. We don't have a fixed financial schedule. We also offer combinations of percentage returns with profit sharing. Depending on the size, it is also possible for the investor to secure it with a land register entry. What is important to us is the personal contact and an understanding that we want to go in the same direction. Of course, we also clearly define the exit.
I stand for all of this with my name.

Wolfgang Dressler

Wolfgang Dressler

of the group of the same name on Mallorca

The DRESSLER group of companies is a community of complementary appearances (Bauenmallorca / Casa Meva / Baugrundmallorca) that has successfully implemented construction projects on Mallorca for 25 years. Company founder and main shareholder Wolfgang Dressler sees himself as an old-school master craftsman, building contractor, operator of an architectural firm and promoter who has set himself the goal of expanding his portfolio with financial partners and growing in a controlled manner.

Our team

Tamara Tuñas


Miriam Garcia Cordero


Pedro Pérez Ramis


Cristina Gordo Parejo


Bettina Van de Voorde


Melanie Sonnemann


Marc Daviu Bibiloni

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Ciro Pont Chàfer


Jana von Axleben


Matthias Massem


Ana María Ramírez Calderón


Patricia Bermudez Tuñas


Davina Haag


Manon Happach

Executive Assistant

Marc Gehlhaar

Senior architect

Marcus Leschik

Construction Manager
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