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Our passion is building. As a German construction company on Mallorca, we have the answers to all your questions about building on the island. We carry out our new construction projects as well as renovations consistently taking into account the building physics and the climatic conditions of the island. This construction method guarantees a pleasant living climate in summer as well as in winter. Together with you, our team of experts goes through all the important construction factors and designs your dream property.

bewährten Baustoffen und mit deutscher Bauqualität

Building at a glance

  • Clearing of the property
  • Construction site access
  • Earthworks / Foundation / Base plate
  • Basement construction and insulation
  • Load bearing walls and masonry walls / concrete work / stairs
  • Roof structure and roof waterproofing
  • Electrical, sanitary, heating, air conditioning and controlled ventilation
  • Windows according to German standards
  • screed, insulation, interior plaster
  • Tiles and flooring
  • Paintworks and outdoor render
  • Smart Home technology / Lighting
  • Outdoor facilities, garages and sheds
  • Built-in furniture, kitchens and much more


Wolfgang Dressler Gründer Dressler & Partner

Wolfgang Dressler

Founder of the group of companies with the same name
Dressler & Partner

“With much love for detail, professional and individual real estate is created by German master craftsmen. As owner and founder of the company I combine traditional craftsmanship with modern architecture.”

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about building on Mallorca

What services does Dressler & Partner offer in the field of construction?

At Dressler & Partner we only build using the best and proven building materials. The solid outer walls are monolithic and breathable, the floor slabs are solid reinforced concrete in one pouring. The roof structure is of German carpentry and is, in principle, delivered from Germany. For us, German construction quality means: all constructions are consistently carried out in compliance with the building physics and the climatic conditions of the island. This construction method guarantees a pleasant and healthy living climate in your Dressler solid house in summer as well as in winter. Our expert team will show you the possibilities and determine the requirements according to your ideas and wishes. You then decide together with us which type of construction is the right one for you.

What distinguishes a "Dressler-Wall" from other constructions?

Dressler & Partner usually builds load-bearing wall structures - the advantage is the full load transfer into the ground. This is a contrast to the usual Spanish skeleton construction method, which is only punctually founded. The advantages of this construction method are primarily in building physics. The masonry usually consists of a clay brick (Termoarcilla – similar to Poroton stone), or a stone of cellular concrete (Ytong), which regulates the room climate. Reinforced concrete perimeter beams, window/door lintels and joints with the ceiling slabs are provided with suitable insulation in the outer wall area/connection. This construction insulates the transitions between brick and concrete elements in such a way that a uniform temperature passage through the wall is guaranteed. This prevents the occurrence of condensation water and mould formation. The horizontal moisture barrier underneath the entire masonry solves one of the major problems of house building on Mallorca: ascending moisture from the ground!

What are the special features of Dressler & Partner's roofs?

Our flat roofs are constructed and tested according to the German state of the art. One special feature, however, is the roof construction for mono pitch and gable roofs with exposed beams. The aim here is clearly a roof with a Majorcan look and German quality features. The roofs work with on-roof insulation to make it as difficult as possible for the heat to penetrate the structure. Reinforced techniques, typically Spanish, are also used. For example, a thin layer of reinforced concrete is placed above the insulation, which makes the roof accessible and gives it even more mass and thus resistance to heat. The Majorcan roof tiles (monk - nun) give the house the authentic finishing touch.

What construction quality does Dressler & Partner achieve?

The typical Majorcan construction method for residential buildings is characterised by concrete skeletons and hollow chamber ceilings. The name contains the disadvantage: the ceilings are hollow and have poor sound insulation and less static load-bearing capacity (only one tensioning direction possible). Dressler & Partner also constructs the ceilings of its solid buildings according to German construction quality. The reinforced concrete solid ceilings are exclusively constructed in in-situ concrete. This design allows a more individual quality architecture. The four tensioning directions of the solid ceilings mean that fewer supports are required in the rooms. Besides the gained room flexibility, the ceilings comply with the sound insulation standard DIN 4109.

Can I combine German building quality with Majorcan architectural style?

Yes, of course! The combination of German building quality and Majorcan style elements is often requested by our customers. For example, there is the possibility to combine elegant smooth surfaces with a typical Majorcan stone façade. We accompany you from the beginning of the project and help you to choose the possible mixture of different building elements and materials. In this context, our architects and specialist engineers focus on construction quality and cost security. Together with you, our professional team will clarify the design and realization of your dream object step by step.

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